Insurance Agent – The Worst Job in the World

Not every cheap car insurance website is as excellent as female insurance specialist Discount insurers have a certain reputation. For centuries, one topic has been hotly debated over and over again: What is the worst job in the world? Sure, dentists have high suicide rates, and fast food workers make almost no money, but that’s not enough to declare either the worst job in the world. We may be somewhat closer to an answer now, however. A new study done by a top university has decided that being a car insurance agent is the worst job in the world.

The study, which has apparently been going on for over five years, states that due to several undeniable factors, being a car insurance agent is, as the researchers put it, “soul-sucking and just awful.” While the university researchers won’t state exactly how they reached their decision, they have said that the process was “not at all scientific” and was more or less just them “reading over different job descriptions and deciding which ones sounded the worst.” Using this process, they narrowed the field down to three jobs. In addition to car insurance agent, the researchers also stated that teacher and sanitation worker were also potential candidates. “The reasoning was that teachers have to put up with crap all day, and sanitation workers have to clean up crap all day,” one researcher stated.

At this stage, several of the researchers shadowed the potential candidates for months, which eventually led to their ultimate decision. While they found that teaching and working sanitation was horrendous, they said it was nothing compared to “the waking nightmare of selling temporary car insurance.” The car insurance agent that was shadowed, dubbed “Becky” by the researchers, was described as looking like “a zombie in a blouse” and “the epitome of someone who has lost all faith in humanity.” Day after day, Becky would attempt to sell both temporary and full car insurance to customers, many of whom had no idea what insurance was or why they needed it. “When she would attempt to describe the difference between temporary and full car insurance, nearly all of the customers would just stare at her, not even attempting to comprehend what she was saying,” one of the researchers recalled with a tear in his eye. Then, when customers were told how much even the cheapest insurance would cost, they would berate Becky, according to the study. “One guy even spit in her coffee,” stated the lead researcher, “and she just shook it off as if it happened all the time.”

After the experience with Becky, the study was hastily concluded and a case report was drawn up. While it may not seem scientific, the university study is quite convincing. The job is so terrible that some of the researchers even had to have psychological counseling done, due to how traumatic the experience was. “I’ll never forget the day I watched that lady sell temporary car insurance,” cried one such researcher, “and I served in the war!”

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